Caleb Caudle: Let's Get 

I don't recall where I first heard of Caleb Caudle--probably a shout-out from the ever-generous Aaron Lee Tasjan, who regularly calls attention to his peers. The first album I tried was Better Hurry Up, a soulful collection layered with piano and gorgeous vocal arrangements. "I'm driving/through the Smoky Mountains/in a Monte Carlo..." An excellent, confident record by this youngster (well, to me) from North Carolina. I liked it so much I bought 10 copies and gave them to friends.

I thought "Let's Get" might work for The Luggnuts. Short, simple, good parts for everyone. The piano showcases some of Rick Pollak's range, phrasing & timing. The bass & drum parts are soulful and propulsive, and once Mitch & Dan got them locked in, the song's bounce emerged. The harmonica converses with the keys, though I had to simplify the part because I'm using a rack while also playing guitar. The backing vocals are rich and extensive, and Ruth & Ann got those quickly. The solo vocal consists of exactly eight lines, but I love singing them: "Was it cause I always stood my ground/Chasing down an impossible sound?" A mission statement if I ever heard one. Chord pattern is a simple Em-C-D-G throughout. A lot of the song's power comes from its repetition and precise timing, so mastering it required us to work as a real ensemble. When Gary joined, he added some nice connecting phrases on electric guitar. 

We play this one frequently at gigs. Sometimes it's really good ;-) But it's well worth sampling the original:  

Credits: Welcome to SF/Summer Evening Cruise 

One of the trade-offs in digital music is the difficulty in finding & showing credits. So here's the back cover of the CD version of this single. Thanks to all the players and singers.

Welcome to San Francisco (Rick Lugg)

Summer Evening Cruise (Roy D'Innocenzo/Rick Lugg)