1. Nothing Else

From the recording Friends & Other Strangers


(Rick Lugg)

I made a lot of money in a foreign land
Let it slide right through my hands
Never could hold on to anything
Wait and see what tomorrow brings
Cuz if you hold on tight
To what you've got
There ain't no room
For nothing new
Open your hands
Let it drop
Then figure out what next to do

I was a diplomat with a pink Cadillac
Soldier of fortune at the sign of the cat
I climbed a mountain, then I climbed back down
Lived like a hermit in the middle of town
Cuz if your head is spinning
And your hands are full
You can't take what's
Being offered to you
Feel the power, feel the pull
I think it's your heart
Talking to you

It's a dangerous business
The mocker mocked
And if you sense the menace
Keep your windows locked
Don't try to tell me
That the fear's not real
What you feel is what you feel...

[*Scorching* GUITAR SOLO - Bruce Millard]

I stood in the dark where the road turned to
A boulevard and an avenue
Off in the distance was a country lane
A woman's face in a window...pane
You can stop in your tracks
You can turn around
It's only life you have to lose
There's nothing else
To which you're bound
Except the moment that you choose
Except the moment that you choose...

Rick Lugg (vocals, rhythm guitar)
Bruce Millard (lead guitar)
Ruth Fischer (backing vocals)
Dan Morrissey (bass)
Mitch Simon (drums)