1. Wheels Up

From the recording Fighting the Light

To live is to fly...for Bill Fischer


(Rick Lugg)

When he was just a young boy
His mama got sent away
He moved in with his favorite aunt
A perfect place to stay
He built fleets of model airplanes
Every detail so
Flung them burning from the porch
The day they made him go

Flying, flying
Fire in the sky
Flying, flying
Hard to say goodbye

Sometimes on Sundays after church
His oldest two in tow
He'd drive out near the airport
Where the planes came in real low
He knew every shape and profile
As they passed by overhead
You almost got the feeling
He'd rather be up there instead

Flying, flying
Hear those engines whine
Flying, flying
Leave everything behind

Jittering at altitude
Weaving through the clouds
Thought he knew the way back home
Beginning to have doubts
The plane it bucks and shudders
Throwing him around
Part of him is wishing
He'd stayed back on the ground

[Bruce's guitar solo]

Wheels up, 5:30
Runway 27 Right
Finally cleared for takeoff
Barely made it through the night
Head west toward the mountains
So I don't have to fight the light
Flaps & gear retracted
Start to feel all right

Flying, flying
Wheels up off the ground
Flying, flying
I ain't never coming down...

Rick Lugg (vocals, acoustic guitar)
Bruce Millard (electric guitars)
Dan Morrissey (bass)
Mitch Simon (drums, percussion)

Produced by Rick Lugg & Gerry Putnam

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Gerry Putnam
CedarHouse Sound & Mastering, North Sutton, NH
(c) 2021 Richard Lugg/Subscale Records LLC