From the recording Fighting the Light

Searching, struggling for balance...


(Rick Lugg)

Little boy,
Standing at the top of the stairs
He can't figure out
How to get from here to there
His mama hovers as he turns
Around and shifts to crawling
She'll worry always til he learns
Enough to keep from falling

She making lunches
Getting three kids ready for school
Morning sickness, too,
Just adds more fuel
She bursts & sobs & tries to cope
The youngest one's still bawling
Clings on to the thinnest hope
Enough to keep from falling

She says "Don't get above yourself,
Who do you think you are?
Hitch your wagon to this earth
And not some star
I taught you everything I know
Keep your circle nice & small and
Keep your expectations low
Enough to keep from falling."

She finds no comfort in her God
Afraid she'll never get her share
She watches for her husband's car
He keeps her safe, she needs him there...

She sits there in the corner
Asleep in her chair
She cant' even follow a game show
Or comb her hair.
When you have to find your own way home
And the silent night is calling
And you can't walk further on your own
It's enough to keep from falling
It's enough to keep from falling

Rick Lugg (vocals, acoustic guitars, tremolo guitar)
Roy D'Innocenzo (lead guitar)
Rick Pollak (Hammond B-3 organ)
Gerry Putnam (quiet horns)
Dan Morrissey (bass)
Mitch Simon (drums)

Produced by Rick Lugg & Gerry Putnam

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Gerry Putnam
CedarHouse Sound & Masterning, North Sutton, NH
(c) 2021 Richard Lugg / Subscale Records LLC