From the recording Ramshakalaka - Stray Tracks

Original GarageBand demo of track #7 on Fighting the Light.

Rick Lugg (vocals, guitars, harmonica)
Ruth Fischer (backing vocals)
Dan Morrissey (bass)
Mitch Simon (drums)


(Rick Lugg)

I saw you when you left town yesterday
Didn't want to say goodbye this way
I knew it would have to end, babe
I just didn't think so soon
Blame it on
The full & shining moon

We saw it rise that strange & fateful day
Light into darkness fades away
It was the origin of trouble
And all the chances that we took
Rushing in
Without a second look

Our time was so short and intense
Not much of what we did made any sense
But who the hell needed reasons
When the feeling was so good
Only the lovers understood.

Our loss will take a while to forget
But we didn't want to take that safer bet
If the future is uncertain
Then the present must be too
And I guess I'll never get
Enough of you

Now you're on the road to somewhere I can't go
Don't want to face up to it, though
You're gone forever now
But I know I'll see you soon
In the beauty of
The full & shining moon
In the beauty of
The full & shining moon
The bitter beauty
Of the full & shining moon